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We are setting up a waiting list for our 2023 litters.. We are asking that anyone who wants to get on our waiting list select a couple of different color pt's and/or consider male and female. If you want to see the litters we have planned, go to the Planned Litters tab under available. For pricing information, please refer to our Cost and Packages page.

Multiple selections - we can not guarantee that we will have the exact color point in the exact gender people are looking for. Typically, we have more solid point males then females.We want to make sure that everyone will get a kitten that they will love regardless of sex and/or color. 

***We have never had a serious issue with temperament, spraying, or any other issue when it comes to sex specifically.. We have also never had an issue with anyone that has gotten a kitten having any of the above issues.. We believe (100%) there is a myth between the difference in gender when it comes to cats.***
If you want to be added to the waiting list for our upcoming litters. email us or fill out an application.  .



    Rinceoir is a small in home cattery that hand raises and breeds Balinese, and Siamese. We are TICA, CFF, CFA, and ACA registered, Our goal is to provide potential buyers with healthy, happy, well adjusted, and sweet/loving kittens that have lower COI * and less loss of ALC *. Our kittens are brought up under foot and around many different animals, this is to make sure that any home they are placed in will not have any conflicts with other pets. We breed for show, breeder quality and personal pet. Occasionally, we will work with other breeders but we do have a group of breeders that we do specifically work with.

   We breed both classic/traditional Balinese and Siamese. We have kittens in the four regular color points (Seal, Chocolate, Blue, and Lilac). We also commonly have red point's and tortie points. All cats within this cattery are FeLV/FIV negative,ringworm negative, and DNA tested!

    Each kitten comes with a Health certificate, micro-chipped, are UTD on shots, and can be spayed/neutered before they go to their forever homes. No kitten will be homed before 12 weeks old. This is to ensure that the buyer’s of our kittens know that we have put the work and time into the kittens they are purchasing. Every cat/kitten is FIV/FeLV negative. We are willing to provide proof that each kitten is healthy at purchase and at least one kitten in the litter is tested for FIV/FeLV. All paperwork is provided to the buyer. This includes vet paper work, shot record (which includes worming and flea medication routines), FIV/FeLV results from the kitten that is tested in the litter, and a health certificate. Registration paperwork is different for each buyer and is set up accordingly. All kittens are litter box trained, dewormed, and well socialized.

     Each kitten is sent home with a care package. This includes (but is not limited to) dry food, a can of the cat food, a couple of toys, a kitten collar, and an information package. We also encourage our new kitten/cat families to keep in touch with us. We are here to help for the lifetime of your cat. "For each life we bring into the world, no matter where they end up, they are our responsibility". We stand by our cats and all new buyers are considered family.

    * Note: The Balinese and Siamese breeds are known to be hypoallergenic. There has never been extensive testing done for this. What we ask, is that if you are looking for a hypoallergenic kitten, that the potential buyers spend some time around the kitten they are interested in. If that is not an option, we will also send a bandanna to the client with the kittens coat rubbed into it (what we ask our clients to do it to sleep with the bandanna. that is literally the easiest way to know if you will have a reaction). Also keep in mind that each person will react differently to different kittens/cats. What we aim to do is guarantee that the kitten you are purchasing is right for you. With this being said, please understand that the purchase of one of these kittens is a commitment. And the only way to insure that your kitten will not effect your allergies is if you are willing to spend some time with the kitten you wish to purchase or have a bandanna sent. Thank you for understanding.

*COI - The Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) is a measure of the level of inbreeding of a cat.
It is a mathematically computed percentage that describes the degree to which two animals are inbred, meaning that one or more ancestors appear more than once in the pedigree.


*ALC -  A related coefficient percentage is known as the Ancestor Loss Coefficient (ALC) of a cat.
It describes the degree to which recessive traits from ancestor generations are lost. Another way to think of it is as how many unique ancestors an animal has. If there are no duplicate ancestors, then no unique ancestors are "lost", and the ALC = 0%. When there are duplicate ancestors, more and more unique ancestors are "lost", and the ALC percentage goes up. 

   Coronavirus Update

With the newest variant of Covid showing up on the radar (XBB 1.5), we are asking clients to stay at home if they find they are sick. We will work with any client that catches Covid at any point in time. So do not think we are just going to give up/ But we do ask that if you have Covid, please stay at home.

What does this mean for you?

As of right now, Please expect the potential for delays in air courier services through June 1st. All pick-ups and drop-offs will be managed a bit differently then normal and will be limited if NY state locks down. This may change. We will update as we can. Our promise to you is that we are doing everything we can to ensure a timely delivery, as well as everyone remaining safe and virus free!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us. Stay safe out there!

Rinceoir cattery



When choosing a breeder, keep the following in mind:


A kitten should be at least 8 weeks of age, or preferably older when separated from his or her mother - 12 weeks is ideal for social development as kittens go through a natural fear period from approximately day 56 to 70. There is also a peak period of social development from 9-14 weeks of age, where a kitten needs other kittens to play with. Allowing a kitten time to learn from his or her mother and siblings results in a better companion pet, with less behavioral problems. Separating a kitten from mom too early can lead to dependency issues and a host of other behavioral problems.


Vaccinations save lives. It takes approximately 14 days for a vaccination to become effective - your kitten should have received, at minimum, his or her first FVRCP vaccination, at least 14 days prior to the day you bring him or her home.

A better COI and ALC means that there is little to no inbreeding. This also means that a breeder may also be trying to breed away from line breeding, if a cat they have purchased has history of line breeding or inbreeding. A good quality, healthy cat is produced with a lower COI and ALC. 

Inbreeding has a tendency to set undesirable features as well as health problems.. Inbreeding can/could lead to smaller litter sizes, immune deficiencies, increased incidences of congenital abnormalities or cats that fail to grow to a normal, full size.


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